The Lovers' Guide

for planning your Destination wedding

Here are a few tips from some experienced Lovers that will take your stress down and help make your one-of-a-kind destination wedding one of the best days you've ever had.

When you're destined for adventure...

With love,
Dawn + Gypsy

De-stress your travel

Choosing a one-of-a-kind adventure with your lover doesn't have to drain you (even in the time of Covid). These are the considerations we encourage our couples to make so they don't miss a bit of enjoyment in their travel, their destination, or their weddings.

Give yourself extra time -- for everything.

Whether you're dealing with airlines, Covid regulations, jet lag, or your wedding day plan, TIME is the very best gift you can give yourself for enjoying your experience. Allowing extra time for getting places, settling in, and getting married makes the difference between loving your day and losing your most meaningful moments in the shuffle.

Make yourself at home.

Take care of YOU.

Even a destination wedding gets to feel grounded, especially when you're putting down roots for the rest of your life. Don't be afraid to unpack where you're staying, get to know the area a little, and take in the local flavours and experiences. Settling in will only strengthen the beautiful memories you've come to make.

Need 24 hours to sleep off your jet lag? Or a massage and a long soak to work out the leftover kinks from the airplane? What if your dream wedding experience includes a long, slow walk with the mountains in view? Don't forget to make space for you in your adventure.

Plan for spontaneity.

No good itinerary plans everything down to the last detail. One of the best parts of travel is the unpredictability. Even when you're in a completely new place, you are free to follow your impulses, try bungee-jumping together, cruise in a jet boat, or taste the local food and wine. When we say "full elopement experience," we mean it.

plan your elopement with The lovers

And don't forget...

You are a lover

The romance that brought you here isn't a side note to a dramatic event. It is at the very center of who you are and why you're choosing a wedding that looks just like you. Your wedding is just a beautiful new chapter in a love story you couldn't resist choosing. You get to bare your heart as you've never done before.

Your wedding, your day

There is no right way to have a wedding. We know from experience that weddings are always more beautiful than you could dream, especially when you've chosen to create your own space for your own love. You're not going to get this wrong. You get to do it your way.

Don't stress the COVID

There's no reason to panic over the pandemic anymore. As Covid-19 becomes more endemic, almost all destinations (and transportation services) provide easy-to-uncover guidelines to keep you and your people safe while you travel. It only takes a bit of forward planning to adjust for the virus now. 


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