A community of independent women creating beautiful experiences with other independent women.

New traditions meet un-everyday expectations when you work with The Lovers Co. and our sustainable, industry-defining approach to elopements, special events, and editorials.

The Lovers Co. is a full-service Queenstown-based elopement team offering personalised wedding support—including photographer, videographer, floral designer, stylist, celebrant, hair & makeup artists, and more.

We create tailored elopement plans and custom wedding designs that bring together everything you need for the wedding experience you want. You don’t have to plan everything, book separate vendors, or coordinate your own elopement—you’ll be surrounded by Lovers and artists who already know exactly what you’ve been dreaming and how to make it happen, with the SAME luxury aesthetic throughout. 

Our "DESTINATION: LOVERS" experience will be the easiest destination experience you’ve ever had. You’ll have our best resources at your fingertips as well as our local knowledge, vendor relationships, and combined 20 years of expertise so you can enjoy our favorite unique experiences, stay at the venues we’d choose, and explore the untouched New Zealand that we love.

A once-in-a-lifetime friendship between two powerhouse artists became the foundation of an empire...

Intuitive floral designer GYPSY WEST and luxury editorial photographer DAWN THOMSON had worked in the wedding industry for years, each chasing individual callings toward the same dream: creating weddings that would challenge societal norms for lovers who wanted to make their own traditionsWhen destiny finally brought them both to the same styled shoot in 2016, they didn't have to ask for a sign. They knew they were meant to create those weddings together in the New Zealand landscape that holds their hearts.

Built on Sustainability, originality, & luxury

These friends have partnered with some of New Zealand's top wedding artists, forming a creative community primed for making one-of-a-kind wedding dreams come true. Their elevated style, imaginative aesthetics, and down-to-earth approach to weddings have allowed The Lovers Co. to make the best intimate weddings and elopement experiences Queenstown has to offer. In just four years together, they have produced some of the most beautiful work in the world.

Star-crossed: a timeline


Dawn booked 30 weddings in her first year of photography, and found herself wondering whether traditional weddings were really for couples anymore


Gypsy's groundbreaking floral designs put her in the path of overwhelmed brides settling for generic weddings that weren't about them.


The Lovers Co. created their first joint wedding experience, establishing the company's unique, artistic appeal for Queenstown destination elopements

The lovers' philosophy

We believe in fate. We believe you choose your own way. 

We believe you were always meant to be here.


You should know

When you book a Destination: Lovers all-inclusive elopement, you will not only get everything you need to have that intimate wedding you’re dreaming about, you are also going to… 

REad on ... 

Work with an expert *local* team

When you get married in our backyard, you don’t have to worry about anything – from your dream location to your accommodations to your wedding plan to your honeymoon plans. We are here to make this destination your best destination ever.

Feel like you’re getting a wedding "family"

Honor traditions that are meaningful to *you*

Your elopement isn’t “just another wedding” to us – YOU are the reason we get out of bed in the morning. We might not be your best friends, but we love to lavish bridesmaid-level attention on you. You’ll see. By the end of your wedding day, we might as well be family.

What if you felt free to change up time-honored traditions that don’t feel relevant to YOU?  If this is what your hearts are telling you, there is nothing selfish in choosing that. You can make up everything. We do that too. 

Have a wedding with a low environmental impact

Just one conscious choice– choosing elopement over an average wedding – is a choice with real environmental impact. Our sustainable wedding guide helps you make choices that can transform a huge carbon footprint to a memory you'll be proud to share.

plan your elopement with The lovers

Your love story is your love story. The Lovers are here to 

help you tell it.

imagine a wedding with:

sense of







“Hands down the best! Dawn & Gypsy are

the most lovely team!”

the most lovely team!



“Dawn's photos are AMAZING; I feel like we lived 

a dream for our wedding!”

a dream for our wedding!

— Hayley, bride

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Even in a locked-down world, we believe your wedding can be anything you imagine it can be. This FREE 30-40 minute call is THE first step to designing your own unique vision with the artists who will bring it to life -- so you can take home memories that exceed your expectations.

The lovers' philosophy

We believe in fate. We believe you choose your own way. 

We believe you were always meant to be here.


WIth Us

Every dream-come-true has to begin with a dream in the first place.

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