As independent women supporting other independent women, we know that sustainability is not just about saving the planet. It's about being present for your unforgettable moments.

As independent women supporting other independent women, we know that sustainability is not just about saving the planet. 

It's about being present for your unforgettable moments.

We leave a smaller footprint when we choose the things that matter most to us.

The world holds so much beauty that we were meant to have, and fate is just as interested in our enjoyment of that as it is in preserving life and growing roots for generations to come.

HERE IS how we give fate a hand.

We stay present

We make room for ease

We put love before luxury to make the weddings we create as easy as possible for our clients. We're not into stressful timelines and overwhelming options. The Lovers Co. (and our partners) take care of the carbon -- so that you can be right where you are.

We create our own adventures

Living local means that we love where we live -- and we know the places that others don't know. We build unique adventures from the ground up for the lovers we serve, and we choose where every unique element comes from and where it ends up. 

We don't do what everyone else does

We don't follow a destination wedding template. There's no checklist of all the things that you HAVE to have for a wedding. We focus your dream wedding to exactly what you want, without worrying about keeping up . 

Independent women do things differently

We've learned by experience that the end goal isn't the only thing.

We travel because we want to feel alive, and we want to stay alive in this world we get to explore. With this in mind, The Lovers Co. is deeply invested in the spaces we create and the lovers we create them for. Your love story doesn't start and end here. It's founded in all the unique memories you've already built together. Your wedding is only one small part of those memories.

Here is our best advice for staying present for your own moments...

You know what you want. You get to trust that. 

You choose love. You choose each other. You choose what others don’t choose: the unconventional, the un-everyday, the unexplored. Lovers, this was always your destination.

Don't do the common thing.

You were always meant to be here, and nobody has had your adventure before. Let's not apologise for exploration.

Choose love over luxury (and experience it anyway).

We believe that love = luxury, which means that you get to focus on the bigness of your love instead of the bigness of your wedding.

Contact us. Let's Do your wedding differently.

The world makes room for you to have

the wedding of your dreams

- The lovers Co.

“For the nature-lovers, the unapologetic romantics, the adventure seekers

who crave something more than the mundane."


“Amber is a literal creative genius and what she created for my business

is damn sexy!”

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